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Chililabombwe District is strategically located in the Province and it is linked to Ndola the provincial capital by a tarred road stretching only about 129Km making it easy to access other goods and services not readily available in the District.

The District has a reasonable public transport system because it is connected through a tarmac road to Chingola, Kitwe and Ndola, Mufulira and other towns. Moreover, there are bus services to and from Lusaka offered by private providers. Private vans, trucks and taxis also service the District. Even though the District has no airstrip/airport, it is within easy reach from the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport which is under construction in Ndola. However, plans to develop a local Airstrip are underway.

Languages Spoken

The main languages spoken in Chililabombwe include; English being the Official language, Lamba and Bemba respectively.

Relief and Physical Features

The District lies on the Zambian High Veld and the Zambezi-Congo watershed. It lies at an average altitude of 1,372 meters above sea level. The land is generally gently undulating except for low hills which are located along the international border. Most of the areas have deeply weathered red lateritic soils. Top soils are generally sandy with heavy textured sub-soils. Most of the underlying rock is rich in minerals such as copper, cobalt, gold etc. and has attracted heavy mining.


The District lies in the high rainfall belt of Zambia with an average annual rainfall of 1,341 mm, mainly coming from the North West trade winds or the Congo Air masses. Drought and unusually long dry spells are not common.