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Kitwe is a hub for a rapidly growing integrating Zambia: It is centrally located and apart from the available market of 500000 people in the district, Kitwe is also open and accessible to over 3,000,000 people on the Copperbelt Province and through to Congo DR.


Kitwe, Zambia’s second largest city, is located in the central part of the Copperbelt and is endowed with vast natural resources. It is currently the most populated district in Copperbelt Province and the second most populated district in Zambia. Kitwe District has a total population of 517,543 people accounting for about 24 percent of the population in the province. Kitwe’s inhabitants are young, with slightly over 66 percent of the population below the age of 25 years.


Kitwe district has a total land area of 777 sq km (77,700ha). Of this area, approximately 25,700 ha are arable, 16,000 ha under forest reserves (there have been excisions to the Mwekera forest reserve and current hectarage is yet to be ascertained). Located on a landscape of an attractive mix of gently undulating woodlands, dambos, farmland and water bodies (rivers and streams).

The district is in Agro Ecological Region 3 receiving average rainfall of above 1200mm.The major crops cultivated are maize, sweet potatoes, cassava, groundnuts and vegetables(Tomato, Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Rape, Spinach and carrot). A good number of farmers are also turning to soya bean production.

Kitwe district has fertile land and has prioritised agricultural diversification in line with the Seventh National Development Plan.  The district has a total of 800 Farms and 96% of the farms are small-scale holding while 3% are medium scale farm holdings and 1% large-scale farm holdings. The district has a registered total of 12 commercial (amongst others; Cedrics Farms, King Fishers, China Harvest, Life Song etc), 23 medium scale and 7,513 small-scale farmers. The agricultural sector will continue to be a strategic area of focus in promoting economic growth, reducing poverty and creating employment in Kitwe District.

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