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Luanshya is a mining town endowed with Copper Ore deposits which has facilitated mining. However, the district is currently  working on reducing the dependency on mining as such it is promoting diversification into other sectors especially agriculture sector.

The District has a well-connected road network connecting all the built and newly created areas. The local authority is making efforts to extend and improve the road network into the farm blocks to improve accessibility and connect them to the market.

Luanshya District offers a unique advantageous location as a District having been sandwiched between cities and peri-urban districts which offer an attractive wider market option for owned and rental property pulling its clients from its surrounding cities, Ndola and Kitwe, and districts such as Masaiti, Mpongwe and Masaiti. It offers a warm friendly economic option of housing in beautiful neighbourhoods enhanced by its garden city concept.


According to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, the total Population of Luanshya is estimated at 153,117 with an average annual population growth rate of 0.3 %. The Population is segregated as 75, 703 Males being 49.4% of the Population and 77,414 Females being 50.6% of the Population (Census, 2010). The table below shows the breakdown of the population by sex from 2000 to 2019.

Natural Resources

Luanshya has abundant natural resources which if sustainably exploited will provide a strong raw materials base.

  • River and Streams Kafubu stream, Luanshya stream, Fisansa stream, and Masasa stream. The availability of abundant water sources such as rivers and streams and fertile land presents an opportunity for agriculture and livestock production. With its vast water resources, the district offers abundant investment opportunities for hydro and thermal electricity power generation, supply and distribution.
  • It has a number of forest reserve namely Masansa forest, Maposa forest, Muva hills and Lufubu botanic reserve. The availability of forest reserve in the district can be explored for investments such as; Beekeeping for honey, wood carving industry, mushroom production, production of game reserves, sporting facility etc.

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