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Mufulira District proudly acclaims itself as the ‘Place of Abundance’, which is evidenced by the rich mineral deposits, numerous perennial and seasonal streams, forest reserves and fertile soils. Mufulira derives its name from the Lamba word “ukufula” meaning smelting. It is said when the white man arrived he found the Lamba`s smelting copper. Asked what they were doing they said “ukufula” hence the name given to Mufulira District. Although the district is highly dependent on copper mining, the district’s vision is to diversify its economy by promoting the agriculture sector.





Based on the 2017 – 2022 District Development Plan the vision statement is “To have a District of abundance, prosperity, integrity and high standard of living by 2030.”

District Administration

The District Administration is two tier firstly comprising of Office of the District Commissioner who is the government head of the district and secondly the Local Authority headed by the Town Clerk as the chief executive and the Mayor who is the civic head. All the three leaders of the district share a common goal which is targeted at promoting stakeholder participation from all sectors to ensure a diversified economy in the district’s development agenda.


  • Mufulira is largely cosmopolitan in character.
  • In addition to a variety of Zambian tribes, there are also foreign nationals from the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as Europeans, Asians and South Africans.

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