Aquaculture and Fishing


The provinces current production does not meet the demand resulting in the importation of meat products from other provinces. The livestock population has been growing steadily for the past years, owing to the market, conducive environment and government’s commitment to developing the sector.

Table below shows how the populations have grown from 2007 to 2016

LIVESTOCK                   2007                             2016
Cattle                           53,750                           92,706
Pigs                               41,611                          70,765
Goats                            35,119                               209
Sheep                             7,255                          12,531
Chickens                  1,805,068                   3,189,181

Some of the products from the sector include:
• Processed meat
• Dairy products
• Eggs

• Congo (DRC)
• Within the province
• Saudi Arabia and other countries

Currently the Government is making concerted efforts to produce enough goats to supply to Saudi Arabia. The available population countrywide is not adequate to meet the demands of the market.

Pipeline Investments
• Goat bulking Centre of up to 500 goats in Masaiti, Mpongwe, Lufwanyama and Chililabombwe Districts.
• Ndola Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory: Works have already began

Potential Investments:
• Ranching
• Breeding Centre for Cattle
• Dairy Farming
• Goat production
• Livestock processing companies
• Animal Feed producing plants
• Animal Hides processing plants

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