The Forestry sector is another growth area for business opportunity in the Copperbelt Province, with timber; honey and bees wax being the major products in the sector. Forests in the Province occupy an estimated 455,347 hectares of which 432,692 are national and 22,655 are local forests. It continues to be the major supplier of hardwood and softwood, both used in the construction, mining and furniture production

The industry has more than 1,000 saw-millers and 22 concessions licences in the indigenous Forest Reserves.

Forests form a firm base and foundation for the Copperbelt present and future socio-economic development as they contribute to the national economy through generation of both formal and informal employment.

Products from Forestry

  • Timber
  • Honey
  • Building Poles
  • Transmission Poles
  • Carpentry Wood
  • Bees wax


  • Local Market
  • National Market
  • International export mainly to South Africa

 Potential Investment Areas

  • Value addition wood based industries
  • Beekeeping development
  • Plantation Establishment
  • Climate Change
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