Services offered by Provincial Administration

Provincial Administration has the mandate to coordinate all economic development efforts in the province. This includes development planning both spatial and socio-economic, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation. In the execution of these functions, Provincial Administration is guided by the National Vision of transforming the country into a prosperous middle income state by 2030.

In line with the National Vision, the Province has a Vision statement which is:

“To have a diversified and self-sustaining economy that meets the aspirations of the people of the Copperbelt Province by 2030.”

Apart from the Vision 2030, the Province has a mission statement as follows:

“To effectively and efficiently promote and coordinate sustainable development in the province in order to enhance livelihoods in a transparent, accountable and equitable manner.”

For the province to achieve its Vision and Goal, it is necessary that efforts are made to foster orderliness in land management and development; improve community participation in economic activities through enhanced access to finances; enhance resource mobilisation; strengthen spatial and socio-economic planning informed by statistics and strengthen coordination among the key stakeholders.

The mandate of the Province is:

Provincial Administration has overall responsibility of the province. It coordinates all cultural, political, social and economic development efforts in the province.

The Province has different departments as listed above and these have different mandates or services that they offer to the Public.

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